What Are the Most Popular Boat Wrap Colours?

Vinyl wrapping your boat is a practical alternative to painting in enhancing the appearance and protection of your boat’s hull. A vinyl wrap can be very cost-effective, durable, low-maintenance, easy to install, and easy to remove. The risk of damage is minimal each time you want to change the wrap.

Whether you’re shifting from paint to vinyl for a fresher or more unique look, we thought it would be useful to do a quick post about what we find are the most common colours to choose, as we are often asked for advice when a customer is choosing.

Here are the most popular boat wrap colours we have come across:

1. Gray/Silver

If you want to give your boat a unique but still tasteful look, grey is a good choice. This colour is never flashy and radiates maturity and calmness. Grey has a quiet strength that some people find appealing---an attribute that may be associated with you.

Silver can make your boat stand out in the crowd while looking sophisticated. Its metallic shine is often linked to futuristic concepts. This means silver might be considered if you want to present your modern outlook and sense of innovation.

Check out some of the many wraps below we have done in greys at various places like White Bay 6 Marine Park in Rozelle or Marina Bayside at Taren Point

Video of "Beluga", a 35m Moonen superyacht undergoing a vinyl wrap and coating by our team in 3M Gloss Storm Grey G31 at The Yard in Brisbane.

2. Blue

Blue was voted as the most favourite colour in the world in 2017. And the 2020 colour trends have been dominated by shades of it.

Suggestive of the oceans and skies, blue derives tranquillity, peace, and resilience. It’s the perfect colour if you consider your boat as a refuge from the bustling metropolitan life.

Often a boat is already blue, as that was a fairly common gel-coat colour, and this has faded and oxidised badly in the Australian sun. However, the owner loved the original colour, and just wants to go back to that "boat blue" look. Thankfully, 3M has a