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Matte Finish Boat Wrap: Is it for you?

The matte finish is available in our collection along with several other choices such as satin, gloss, and the textured films such as carbon fibre, matrix, shadow (camouflage), and brushed metals.

We have so many colours to choose from and we plan on adding new colours and finishes to our collection!

Our current colour collection can be viewed here in more detail - Colour Collection

Scroll on to get a better look at some of the boat wraps in matte finish done by the Innovative Marine Coatings team over the years...

Boat: Riviera 50

Project: Vinyl wrap in 3M 2080 Matte Black

Location: Mac Marine Group, Pittwater

Boat: Axopar 38

Project: Vinyl wrap in 3M 1080 Matte Indigo Blue

Location: Sydney Boathouse, Rozelle

Boat: Sea Ray 180

Project: Vinyl wrap in 3M 1080 Matte Black

Location: Gosford, NSW