Boat Graphics


Express Your Personal Style in Your Boat Or Yacht.

The amazing thing about choosing graphic vinyl boat wraps is the possibility. The design options are truly limitless. Whatever designs your imagination can entertain – we can bring to life and feature on your vessel.

What Do You Have to Do?

At Innovative Marine Coatings, we like to keep things simple for our clients. All you have to do is provide us with the design or logo you would love to have displayed on your boat or yacht. Then you can sit back and relax while we carefully and lovingly apply it to your vessel. Yes, it really is that simple!

We Believe Our Team at Innovative Marine Coatings are the Perfect Choice for You

Our team are highly trained, with expert knowledge on marine assets. Protecting, preserving and improving the look of your boat or yacht is our passion.

If you have a logo or brand, displaying it on your boat or yacht using graphic boat vinyl wraps can be a fantastic way to showcase your brand and attract attention to a growing business. Also, perhaps you are feeling stuck in a rut with the look of your vessel. If you have been trying to figure out a way to jazz up the look of your boat or yacht, then you don’t need to look further. Adding a graphic is a fantastic way to add a unique style.


We can apply graphic boat vinyl wraps with perfect precision. We have a fast turnaround and application is quick. The materials used at Innovative Marine Coatings are the highest quality and utilize modern technology for superior performance.

So, we'd love to hear about your boat. Contact us to discuss your new graphic boat vinyl wraps

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